Funding innovative projects focused on Education and Technology.
About the AFFF:

The Abe Farag Family Foundation’s mission is to encourage and fund education and innovation projects. It uses its funds to support ventures through the Social Good Fund.

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Located in Palo Alto, CA, the Abe Farag Family Foundation funds amazing projects which foster educational opportunity, creativity, and cooperation.
Are Flying Cars Becoming a Reality?

Airbus, one of the world’s largest aerospace companies, was excited to announce that they will be officially testing a small prototype for the first flying car by the end of the year. Previously, Airbus was involved in airborne transportation as they created the Urban Air Mobility division in order to research ways to minimize traffic congestion on urban roads. The division wanted to create an application, like Uber or Lyft, to allow airborne vehicles to pick up passengers in crowded urban areas. Through its ...

Explore, Adventure, & Experience: Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more revolutionary in shaping the future and the way we experience and look at life. The bigger it gets the more influential it is on industries such as education, entertainment, and medicine. Every year VR is adding new, innovative features that increase user functionality and detail. Industry leaders such as Facebook and Google are investing and prioritizing many VR-related projects. One of Google’s projects, the ‘Expedition Pioneer Program’ is focused on providing VR headsets to schools to help ...

Can STEM Education Help Create Jobs in Developing Nations?

Yes, STEM can have a substantial impact on moving people in developing countries out of poverty. Developing countries working to educate the next generation in STEM receive many benefits from these classes as students receive valuable experience and skills that translate to the workforce. Unfortunately, setting up STEM lessons and classes can be difficult because of monetary costs, finding teachers, and moving past traditions.

Obinna Ukwuani, a MIT graduate, started the first STEM school in Nigeriain 2012. The program is a robotics academy geared towards ...

Siemens STEM Day Acts as Catalyst for Increasing STEM Activities in Classroom

Last month, the Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education launched Siemens STEM Day – an innovative and augmented version of the Siemens Science Day website, including a new K-12 online STEM experience. Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education are the leading investors in digitally utilized STEM education programs in the K-12 classrooms. The advanced Siemens STEM Day now provides high school resources intended on supporting STEM curriculum and institution with digital content as well as 130 original elementary and middle school activities.

In celebration of the Web site ...