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About the AFFF:

The Abe Farag Family Foundation’s mission is to encourage and fund education and innovation projects. It uses its funds to support ventures through the Social Good Fund.

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Located in Palo Alto, CA, the Abe Farag Family Foundation funds amazing projects which foster educational opportunity, creativity, and cooperation.
Might Li-Fi Be the Way Toward Our Networked Future?

This past September, Harald Haas gave a TED talk on the subject of bridging the digital gap in the developing world via a networking technique referred to as "Li-Fi," in which data packets are sent wirelessly using nothing more than an array of LED lights and a solar panel. While primarily a proof-of-concept and nothing more at the moment, we think a technology along these lines might just be a great way to extend network connectivity to a much greater portion of the world's ...

Sonoma County Office of Education Will Host Maker Education Conference

In an effort to spur STEM education activities in Sonoma County and beyond, the reMAKE Education Summit will bring interested parties together August 3-5 in Sanata Rosa, California. The goal of the conference is to provide training and advice to teachers who wish to bring the Maker Movement into their classrooms. The Sonoma County Gazette provides a bit more detail:

Attendees will engage in hands-on making tutorials, hear from renowned speakers, utilize state-of the-art equipment, and hear what’s working best in classrooms around the ...

Artful Aging Programs Might Be The Future of Philanthopy

As the average age of the U.S. population increases, one of the largest demographic shifts in our nation's history will occur—and our goals as philanthropists probably ought to shift along with the makeup of our population. Inside Philanthropy explains just how big a change is coming in the next 10 years:

As the Journal piece notes, the Census Bureau projects that by 2025, the number of Americans aged 65 and older will hit 66 million, up 38 percent from 2015.

The article ...

GiveWell: Philanthropic Impact Can Be Difficult to Evaluate

GiveWell (an awardee of ours) works to identify high-impact philanthropic opportunites, and to provide information to potential donors about the viability of various charitable agencies. The idea is to help individuals and foundations who are interested in maximizing the impact of their donated dollars by examining not only the financial hardiness of a charity, but also the actual, practical impact those organizations make in the real world. The above being the case, it may seem a bit perplexing at first to hear them say that ...