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Cannon Elementary: Out With the Old and in With the New

April 14, 2017
By Daniel Fleissig

The local school district in Grapevine, TX has decided to rebuild Cannon Elementary in order to replace the aging, outdated classrooms and curriculum. The new campus will transform into a real world laboratory for STEM-based curriculum where students can observe what they are learning about in classrooms. Construction is set to begin this Summer, and the new school is expected to launch when the 2018-19 school year begins.

Because of structural damages, a lack of compliance with the Disabilities Act, and the desire to provide STEM and current learning opportunities the Grapevine school district finally decided to replace the entire school. The remodeled school will have collaborative learning spaces for each grade as well as each classroom being built the ability to expand and retract their walls. Designated STEM areas will have 3-D printers, robotics, electronics, and extra computers and tablets for students. The Grapevine school district wants Cannon Elementary to have a fully-fledged engineering program to give students the opportunity to participate in project-based learning where they can gain collaborative skills and develop hands-on experience designing and testing prototypes.

The construction company that will be rebuilding the school is also allowing students who are interested to get a safe, front row seat to see the action. We at AFFF are excited to see what the new school and its facilities will look like and know it will make huge difference in these students’ lives.