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GiveWell: Real Change For Your Dollar

January 08, 2016
By Stephen Thomforde

AFFF carefully researches all the organizations that we support. Shouldn’t we all know where our donations are going? GiveWell says, “Absolutely!”

GiveWell works tirelessly to find the most effective charities for your dollar. By looking at more than just administrative and fundraising percentages, GiveWell can calculate the most good per dollar donated. They compare the results of the work with groups working towards similar goals. This is an innovative outlook. In the world of non-profits, the way you do something is often just, if not more important than what you accomplish. GiveWell says the efficiency of a groups programs is just as important as the efficiency of its fundraising.

To support this attitude, they keep a curated list of their top charities. With a simple click, donors can take advantage of the many hours of work that has gone into each charity evaluation. This is mirrored in their slogan “Real Change for your Dollar.”