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Coastal Office Grant Opportunity

The Abe Farag Family Foundation is offering an ongoing grant to qualifying nonprofits that will cover 50% of rent on ~1300 ft.2 of first-floor office space in El Granada, CA.

The property is situated in a quiet seaside neighborhood. It is surrounded mostly by residential homes with easy access to Highway 1, around the corner from the post office and fire station, just 2 minutes away from Pillar Point.

The first floor of this beautiful, newly renovated office building is available for immediate lease.


Exterior: Easy street access to the public.
Interior: Two direct street entrances, with direct access to the parking garage in the rear.
Interior: The smaller of the two rooms.
Interior: View of the larger room, taken from the back.
Interior: Another view of the larger room.
Interior: Another view of the larger room.


Note: the office space we're offering is highlighted in yellow.

How to Apply:


To apply for consideration, please submit an application. You may do so either online with this form, or by snail mail using this printable PDF. In the latter case, please send your application to the address below:

The Abe Farag Family Foundation
PO Box 1432
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1432

Have Questions? Contact us.

For more information about the grant--or about the office space itself--please feel free to contact us using the form below. We will be able to reply to most requests within a single business day.

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