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The Creative Discovery Museum

About the Organization

Creative Discovery Museum, in Chattanooga TN, is a children’s museum with a vision to Make Its community the best place for a child to grow up. The Museum provides hands-on activities and exhibits in the arts and sciences in its 42,000 square foot facility as well as in outreach to area schools. Its mission is to inspire all children to explore, innovate, create and play. Whether within its walls or across town, Creative Discovery Museum is a vital educational resource for its community and a leader in effectively sparking children’s passions for learning through hands-on experiences.

Creative Discovery Museum (CDM) provides over 50,000 students a year with education programs both at the Museum and in the wider community. Its dynamic Science Theater presents engaging science programs to school groups and the general public. CDM reaches the community through an array of outreach programs, including a portable Starlab Planetarium, curriculum-based science classroom lessons, early childhood activities, the Discovery Mobile (a classroom on wheels) and science nights for families. CDM’s partnership with the Bionenergy Science Center at Oak Ridge National Lab has resulted in educational programs on alternative energy that have been presented throughout the country.
Creative Discovery Museum is always working to give children new experiences and opportunities to be innovative. The latest addition to the permanent exhibits, the Make It space gives kids a chance to make their own experience and take it home. The space is designed to help children learn and explore the skills and tools that help makers turn their ideas into reality. Outfitted with a variety of tools from hammers and saws to sewing machines, Make It gives children an opportunity to create a guided project or design and make something of their own. Projects offered in Make It include woodworking, sewing, construction, electronics and upcycling. Kids have made everything from wooden tool boxes to throw pillows printed with their photo.