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Engineers Without Borders

About the Organization

Engineers Without Borders - USA San Francisco Professionals (EWB-SFP) was established in September 2004 as the first professional chapter of EWB-USA. Our mission supports community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership.

We currently work with communities in Fiji, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Tanzania to deliver necessities such as clean water, clean energy, and sustainable agriculture. EWB-SFP also works at the local level, developing simple engineering solutions with the Appropriate Technology Design Team (ATDT) to be implemented in the field.

We have nearly 200 members and an even larger (3000+) Bay Area network. Our EWB-SFP community believes in our mission and work to: build capacity in developing communities through appropriate engineering solutions; fundraise to provide equipment and supplies required for implementing our projects; and mentor Bay Area University chapters through project partnerships.
Engineers Without Borders - San Francisco Professional Chapter collaborates with remote, developing world communities in countries usually off the radar of larger aid organizations. Professionals and students from a variety of professions including engineering, health, and business, make up our volunteers. EWB-SFP makes a minimum five-year commitment to each developing world community we work with to design, implement, and maintain low-cost, small-scale, replicable and sustainable water, sanitation, renewable energy, and other projects - while respecting the community’s wishes, history, culture, and way of life.