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Glen Park Festival

About the Organization

The Glen Park Festival came to life in 1997 and was created by a group of neighbors who had been talking about the neighborhoods many artists and craftspeople. They wanted a space to annually exhibit all the talent in Glen Park and bring the neighborhood together to bond. The best way to do that was a street fair. The fair has evolved from a spontaneous neighborhood get-together to a well-planned annual event that combines fun and community support.

The Festival also raises money for youth programs based in Glen Park. In 2014, the festival donated over $25,000 to fund equipment, field trips, educational programs, and other enhancements in and around the neighborhood.
By developing this event around neighborhood values, this has strengthened the neighborhood bond. The craftsmen and artists come back every year and have been bolstered by live music and food. By trying to strengthen the Glen Park community, the festival has created one all its own.