Funding innovative projects focused on Education and Technology.

Roots of Hope

About the Organization

Roots of Hope is an international network of students and young professionals working to inspire young people across the globe to think about Cuba and proactively support our young counterparts on the island through innovative means. Roots of Hope seeks to provide youth in Cuba with the tools and skills they deem necessary to build a better future for themselves.

Through their program Start Up Cuba, Roots of Hope provides native Cubans with the tools and skills to begin and develop their own businesses. This help comes in the form of technology-focused education. Even with the limited Internet access in Cuba today, it still plays a major role in business. Tapping into this network gives Cubans the opportunity for greater success.
The learning opportunities take place on the island. As Cuba opens up to the rest of the world, their expanding footprint gives Cuban entrepreneurs the opportunity to be players in an increasingly connected and dynamic regional economy.