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About the Organization

Spokes Members

Spokes is committed to improving the professional skills and knowledge of the men and women who drive our nonprofit sector. They focus primarily on the needs of board members—the most critical factor for a nonprofit’s success. With or without paid staff, a nonprofit board is responsible for maintaining public trust, legal compliance, financial health, and mission fulfillment of the organization it serves.

Board & Staff

The individuals who agree to serve as board members do so without compensation and, frequently, in balance with numerous other professional and personal obligations. It’s a big job. Spokes knows it is not easy. Their goal is to make it easier and the reasons are two-fold:

To prevent nonprofits from reinventing the wheel, Spokes runs workshops and trainings to help nonprofits ensure accountability in governance, management, and operations. Nonprofits also learn how to exceed the expectations of their community, supporters, and governing bodies.
To help on a one to one basis, Spokes also offers individualized consulting support to hep organizations solve problems, develop future plans, and navigate through unexpected internal/external challenges.