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The Tech Museum of Innovation

About the Organization

The Tech Museum of Innovation is a family-friendly interactive science and technology center in the heart of downtown San Jose. It has become a landmark for visitors seeking a glimpse of the most inventive place on Earth: Silicon Valley. The Tech’s mission is to inspire the innovator in everyone.

Innovative STEM Education
In order to unlock STEM learning for all, The Tech will provide a pipeline of opportunities for girls that nurtures their interest, builds their skills and solidifies their confidence in STEM. The Generation Tech campaign and the Design Challenge Learning Institute help The Tech inspire young people to take risks, challenge themselves and unleash their potential to become the innovators of tomorrow.

Abe Farag Family Foundation Awardee: Girls in Tech

Girls Days at The Tech - Girls age 7-14, along with their brothers and parents, will participate in a free day of STEM workshops and hands-on activities at the Tech. Previous activities have included:

The two Girls Days at The Tech in 2016 will also include an opportunity for girls to work with, to engage with, and to converse with female STEM role models.

For more information about the first Girls in Tech event on May 7: