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Siemens STEM Day Acts as Catalyst for Increasing STEM Activities in Classroom

February 09, 2017
By Daniel Fleissig

Last month, the Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education launched Siemens STEM Day – an innovative and augmented version of the Siemens Science Day website, including a new K-12 online STEM experience. Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education are the leading investors in digitally utilized STEM education programs in the K-12 classrooms. The advanced Siemens STEM Day now provides high school resources intended on supporting STEM curriculum and institution with digital content as well as 130 original elementary and middle school activities.

In celebration of the Web site’s launch, Siemens Foundation is also releasing its “Possibility Grant Sweepstakes,” which is contributing up to $10,000 of STEM equipment, supplies, and technology to schools who win. Siemens STEM Day materials—which are free of cost—highlight the importance of STEM through exciting, hands-on activities and videos. These assignments help to develop students’ investigative and creative skills as they are able to learn in depth about topics ranging from engineering to IT. There is also a Teacher Support Center that consists of prep videos, live demonstrations, and tons of how-to guides for educators.

David Etzwiler, CEO of the Siemens Foundation, believes that connecting students to STEM education programs will lead to an increase in future scientists and engineers. Programs like Siemens STEM Day are intended to provide students with materials and knowledge to succeed in the workforce and boost their self-confidence and life skills. We at the Abe Farag Family Foundation are glad to see more schools implementing programs like these and we encourage everyone to learn more about the Siemens STEM Day and its wonderful activities.