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Slum Innovation Project wins Google Rise Award

December 19, 2016
By Daniel Fleissig

The Dharavi Diary Project has just received the Google Rise Award for its community based work to help children in slums create solutions through technology. The project was originally started by filmmaker Nawneet Ranjan, who shot a documentary detailing the struggle of living in the slums of Mumbai, India. Ranjan realized children needed to learn how to solve community issues through innovative solutions and technology. Smaller classes of 15 eventually grew into classes with over 200 kids, as children were able to learn coding, computer science, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills. Students began to solve their own issues as they developed their own solar lamps to curb their fear of walking home alone late at night in the cramped slums.

Children also learned about developing mobile applications and two teenage girls developed their own apps geared towards finding clean and green areas, as well as supporting women’s safety. The Google Rise Award will only increase and inspire the next generation of tech innovators as well as allowing the project to expand into other areas. The Dharavi Diary Project aligns perfectly with our mission of encouraging creativity and technology to improve the lives of others and we are excited to see what they will accomplish after receiving this prestigious award!