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South Orange Middle School Receives Grant for Ecology Project

May 02, 2017
By Daniel Fleissig

South Orange Middle School has just been selected by Sustainable Jersey For Schools as the winner of the $10,000 River Curriculum Grant. The Rahway River, used during past ecology projects, is the primary setting for students to learn about water quality, biodiversity, and project management. Through this program, students receive a comprehensive understanding of their local watershed and the importance of preserving and restoring the ecosystem.

SOMS principal Lynn Irby believes that the river field study will have a lasting effect on the students as this is a big opportunity to make a difference in the community. The grants SOMS received were distributed to various projects ranging from outdoor science labs to green walls to solar energy charging stations. With grants like these it is only a matter of time before more schools begin undertaking sustainability projects. We at the Foundation support sustainable education in schools and are excited to see the effect more projects like this will have on the community and the ecosystem.